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Also known as:





WA Pearl perch

West Australian jewfish

West Australian pearl perch

Western jewfish

Westralian jewfish

Common Group Name:

Pearl perches

Family Name:


Genus Name:


Species Name:

Glaucosoma hebraicum

Dispatch Method:

The eating qualities of WA dhufish and related species such as pearl perch can be improved if they are killed humanely by iki jime or a firm knock to the head before placing them in an ice slurry after bleeding.

Fish Description:

  • This species is silvery with several bronze/brown longitudinal lines along the flanks and one dark vertical band through the eye. The lines and bands may disappear in large adult fish.
  • A slow growing, long lived species, size at first maturity around 50 cm (around 8-10 years old).

Fish Distribution:

  • This species is endemic to the subtropical and temperate coastal waters of Western Australia, from Esperance to Beagle Island.
  • Adults can be found at depths over 200 meters, particularly over reefs, wrecks and underwater caverns.
  • Juveniles tend to remain in shallower water than adults and are rarely found in waters more than 100 m deep.

Fish Size Common Length:

30-80 cm, maximum size around 120 cm and 26 kg.