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Also known as:

Northern red snapper

Caribbean red snapper

Mexican red snapper

Pensacola red snapper

Red snapper

Mutton snapper



Common Group Name:

Tropical Snappers

Family Name:


Genus Name:


Species Name:

Lutjanus campechanus

Dispatch Method:

Beware of the sharp teeth of red snapper when handling them. They should be killed humanely by iki jime or a firm knock to the head before placing them in an ice slurry after bleeding. Large red snapper can be energetic and therefore hard to handle. A firm knock on the head may be easier to implement to stun the fish first before attempting iki jime.

Fish Description:

  • As their name suggests, red snapper are generally red or pink in colour.
  • Juvenile red snapper are usually found inshore foraging over muddy or sandy bottoms feeding mainly on shrimps, crabs, worms, cephalopods or smaller fishes.
  • Adult red snapper are usually found in deeper waters, primarily near reefs, oil and gas rigs or other structures to depths of 200 meters (600 feet).
  • This species matures at around 2-3 years of age and 30 cm (12 inches) long. Adults spawn during the summer months and are a relatively long lived, with some fish being aged in excess of 50 years old.

Fish Distribution:

  • Red snapper occur along the eastern seaboard of North America south from Massachusetts, USA throughout the Gulf Coast to northern Mexico, as well as the Caribbean. They also occur along the east coast of South America.

Fish Size Common Length:

30-60 cm (12-24 inches), maximum size around 100 cm (40 inches) and 22.5 kg (50 lb).