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Also known as:


Lake Perch

Jack Perch

Common Group Name:

Freshwater Perches of Nthn Hemisphere

Family Name:


Genus Name:


Species Name:

Perca flavescens

Dispatch Method:

The eating qualities of yellow perch can be greatly improved if they are killed humanely by iki jime, or a firm knock to the head before being placed in an ice slurry after bleeding.

Fish Description:

  • Yellow perch are a typical perch shape, greenish to black dorsally with golden yellow coloured flanks intersected with several darker vertical bands that fade as they near the belly.
  • The dorsal fin is olive/black, the pelvic fins are bright yellow or orange while the anal fin is a dirtier yellow-orange.

Fish Distribution:

  • This species occurs in freshwater rivers, lakes and impoundments throughout much of Northern America, including the Arctic drainages, Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins, south to South Carolina.
  • This species is also found in brackish water and in salt lakes. It is most commonly found in clear water near vegetation.

Fish Size Common Length:

Common betwen 4-10 inches long. Maximum size around 18 inches long and 4 pounds.