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Also known as:

Fingermark bream

Moses seaperch

Moses snapper

Red bream

Russells sea-perch

Russells snapper

Common Group Name:

Tropical Snappers

Family Name:


Genus Name:


Species Name:

Lutjanus russelli

Dispatch Method:

Beware of the sharp teeth of moses perch when handling them. They should be killed humanely by iki jime or a firm knock to the head before placing them in an ice slurry after bleeding.

Fish Description:

  • Moses perch have a brownish body often with a reddish tinge. There is a black spot (sometimes faint) on the flank along each side.
  • Juveniles look similar to adults, but have four to five longitudinal brown stripes on the body.

Fish Distribution:

  • The species occurs in tropical and sub tropical estuaries and inshore reefs throughout the Indo-West Pacific region.
  • In Australia it is found around the tropical and subtropical north of the country.
  • Juveniles live in estuaries until they mature at around 30 cm long, at which time they migrate to offshore coral or rocky reefs to depths of 50 meters.

Fish Size Common Length:

20-30 cm, maximum size around 50 cm.