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Also known as:

Grey mackerel

Broad bar mackerel

Broad-banded spanish mackerel

Broadbarred king mackerel

Grey spanish mackerel

School mackerel

Striped mackerel

Common Group Name:

Mackerels and Tunas

Family Name:


Genus Name:


Species Name:

Scomberomorus semifasciatus

Dispatch Method:

Beware of the sharp teeth of all mackerel when handling them, even after they are dead. The eating qualities of these fish can be greatly improved if they are killed immediately by iki jime or a firm knock to the head before placing them in an ice slurry after bleeding. A firm knock on the head may be easier to implement to stun the fish first before attempting iki jime.

Fish Description:

  • A slender bluish-grey to bluish-green mackeral, becoming silvery white on the sides and below.
  • Juveniles have numerous (up to 20) grey /green broad vertical bars above the lateral line, that fade with growth.
  • Fish longer than around 70 cm show few if any markings.
  • In northern Australia this species spawns between September and January.
  • Females attain sexual maturity between 65 and 70 cm and males between 55 and 60 cm long.

Fish Distribution:

  • This species can be encountered in various locations in the Western Pacific ocean, from southern Papua New Guinea to northern Australia, including from Shark Bay in Western Australia to northern New South Wales.
  • They mainly inhabit areas of coastal reefs or rocky headlands, but can also be found offshore.
  • They are highly predatory species, feeding mainly on smaller baitfish including sardines, anchovies and herrings.

Fish Size Common Length:

60-80 cm, maximum size around 120 cm and 10 kg.