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Also known as:


silver perch

speckled perch




google eye

Common Group Name:


Family Name:


Genus Name:


Species Name:

Pomoxis annularis

Dispatch Method:

To maximise their eating qualities crappies can be killed quickly and humanely by iki jime or a knock to the head before placing them in an ice slurry after bleeding. Placement of these fish directly into an ice slurry may also be humane if they are taken from warm water (> 21°C /70°F) during the summer months.

Fish Description:

  • White crappies have 5–10 vertical bars along the body, rather than the randomly scattered spots like the black crappie.
  • They are green or brown dorsally with silvery flanks with dark lateral bars along its side and a white belly. The dorsal fin of the white crappie starts further back on the body than that of the black crappie. White crappies are also slightly more elongated than black crappies and can tolerate more turbid waters.

Fish Distribution:

  • Freshwater rivers, lakes and impoundments throughout North America, including the Great Lakes, Hudson Bay and Mississippi River basins south to the Gulf of Mexico.
  • This species has also been introduced into various parts of Central America.

Fish Size Common Length:

Commonly 8-10 inches long. Maximum size around 18 inches long and 5 pounds.