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Also known as:

Maori rock cod

Maori groper

Maori grouper

Red-speckled rock cod

Scribbled Rock cod

Common Group Name:

Cods and groupers

Family Name:


Genus Name:


Species Name:

Epinephelus undulatostriatus

Dispatch Method:

Beware of the sharp gill covers and dorsal spines of maori cod when handling them. Most rock cods have similar brain locations and all can be very tolerant of air exposure. To maximise their eating qualities they should be killed humanely by iki jime, or a firm knock to the head before placing them in an ice slurry after bleeding.

Fish Description:

  • Generally brown with many wavy longitudinal brownish orange stripes or spots. Fins with narrow bright yellow margins.

Fish Distribution:

  • This species is endemic to eastern Australia, being found on inshore reefs to depths of around 80 meters from the southern Great Barrier Reef to around Batemans Bay in New South Wales.
  • May be encountered further south during the summer months. One specimen was reported from Kangaroo Islands, South Australia.

Fish Size Common Length:

30-45 cm, maximum size around 60 cm and 5 kg.