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Also known as:

Common warehou

Black trevally


Portland hake

Sea bream

Snotgall trevalla


Snotty nose trevalla

Snotty trevalla

Snotty trevally

Snottynose trevalla

Tasmanian travalla

Tasmanian trevally


Common Group Name:


Family Name:


Genus Name:


Species Name:

Seriolella brama

Dispatch Method:

The eating qualities of these fish can be greatly improved if they are killed immediately by iki jime or a firm knock to the head before placing them in an ice slurry after bleeding.

Fish Description:

  • Blue Warehou are dark bluish-green above, with a silvery white underside, and a black spot by the pectoral fin.
  • The pectoral fin is long and extends back to the start of the anal fin.

Fish Distribution:

  • This species occurs offshore on continental shelf and slope waters of the southwest Pacific region near Australia and New Zealand.
  • In Australia this species occurs offshore from southern NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.
  • Adults fish have been reported from depths between 22 and 400 meters.
  • Juveniles prefer shallower waters and sometimes enter estuaries.

Fish Size Common Length:

35-50 cm, maximum size around 80 cm and 5 kg.