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iki jime Fish Finder - Search for your fish and identify the spike point.

If you’re out on the water remember to download version 2.0 of the IkiJime Tool Apps from the ITunes Store or Google Play.
Ikijime Tool Lite on ITunes or Google Play is the free online version that allows limited access to a static fish database. Ikijime Tool ( ITunes or Google Play) is the online version with unlimited access to the full fish database, while for ultimate speed and performance, Ikijime Tool Extreme ( ITunes or Google Play) is the ultimate Ikijime App that retains full database access and fastest lookup performance even in remote places out of phone or internet range. And don’t forget to like Ikijime Tools on Facebook.

Privacy Policy

We have been asked to include a privacy policy here because these apps access your phones camera so you can take pictures of a memorable catch to send to friends. Of course once you take the photo its up to you what you do with them, does not access or store any user data – we wouldn’t even know how as we are just not that sophisticated ! We just want you to have fun on the water and to humanely dispatch the fish you catch.